Tips to get you hired!

Keep the following things in mind when you apply for a job in a Company

Can’t Get the Job? Don’t let you down.

It’s OK to take some time off from your job search once in a while. Allow yourself a day or a few days off and spend that time doing something that energizes you and makes you happy, and reflect on what’s going well in your search, says Toni Frana (FlexJobs Career Coach). Afterwards, you’ll find you’ll be able to get back to your job search with a renewed sense of energy and purpose.”

Do a bit of research on who commonly hires in your field to help speed along your search, suggests Toni Frana (FlexJobs Career Coach).

“Just like taking a break from your job search is important, so is having the right mindset. It is hard to be a job seeker, applying for many jobs and possibly not hearing back from employers, says Toni Frana (FlexJobs Career Coach).

Work to focus on the progress you are making with each application — honing your search tactics, getting efficient with your application process, and understanding what keywords to use for an ATS are all important tools to use as you go through your search, explains Toni Frana (FlexJobs Career Coach). Each time you apply for a job, you are improving your process, and that’s great progress to landing a job. Celebrate those small steps!

It’s always a great idea to have someone else review your resume before you submit it. A spouse, family member, friend, or resume review expert can look at your document with a fresh set of eyes and let you know if there are any glaring mistakes to correct before applying for a job. If that’s not an option, try changing the resume font, font size, and font color and then rereading your resume so it looks different to you. Then, when you are satisfied, change it back to the right font before applying, offers Toni Frana (FlexJobs Career Coach).



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